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Blindfold Chess

David Zok


Yu Yangyi vs Nicholas Paltrinieri - European Club Cup 2017.10.08

02/07/2022 00:07:57
Vitor Roberto Castro Carneiro vs Alexandr Hilario Takeda dos Santos Fier - 83rd ch-BRA 2017.02.11

02/07/2022 00:04:02
Ali Syed Ahmad vs Desalegn Jimma Fekadu - Chess Olympiad 2016.09.03

02/07/2022 00:13:46
Petar Trifunovic vs Srecko Nedeljkovic - YUG-ch 1953.??.??

02/07/2022 00:07:38
John Eric Littlewood vs Karl Robatsch - Hastings 1961-62 1962.01.02

02/07/2022 00:06:35
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Our take on Blindfold Chess podcast

Blindfold Chess offers content to help you improve and sharpen your board visualization skills. The podcast features great matches from leading chess players across the globe, and they are red out to you. The moves are read and explained thoroughly. The featured games vary from old classics to recent masterpieces, and they are competitive and informative. Blindfold chess offers a chess study time on the go for both beginners, novices and pro players.
Written by Ana Rodriguez

Host: David Zok
Country: Canada
Episodes count: 36703
Average duration: 6'
Frequency: Irregular