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The FOX True Crime Podcast w/ Emily Compagno

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The newly formed FOX Audio Network, owned by Fox Corporation ("FOX"), brings together all of FOX's leading podcasts about news, sports, and entertainment into a diverse portfolio of unique audio content. Having an advertising and distribution agreement with Megaphone by Spotify, Fox Audio Network is an exclusive hosting platform for its growing podcast list.

Fox Corporation is an outstanding producer and distributor of irresistible news, sports, and entertainment content through its popular domestic brands, including FOX News Media, FOX Sports, FOX Entertainment, and FOX Television Stations. These brands have cultural and commercial importance for customers, distributors, and advertisers.
For a long time, FOX has been a leader in podcasting, creating original content that defines categories across genres. Through coworking and innovation, the FOX Audio Network was established to harness the strength of the collective audience in FOX's growing roster of original audio content. As a result, the podcast performance is at a high level, proved by the total 244M downloads in 2021.
The massive reach of over 60 FOX Audio Network podcasts gives advertisers an out-and-outer chance to effectively reach the goals and meet the largest possible audience in all of FOX's most popular original audio content.