The Shell Lake Massacre podcastThe Shell Lake Massacre1.
American Scandal podcastAmerican Scandal2.
Revisionist History podcastRevisionist History3.
Heart Starts Pounding: Horrors, Hauntings, and Mysteries podcastHeart Starts Pounding: Horrors, Hauntings, and Mysteries4.
The Rest Is History podcastThe Rest Is History5.
Behind the Bastards podcastBehind the Bastards6.
Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford podcastCautionary Tales with Tim Harford7.
True Crime with Kendall Rae podcastTrue Crime with Kendall Rae8.
American History Tellers podcastAmerican History Tellers9.
Jocko PodcastJocko Podcast10.
Throughline podcastThroughline11.
900 Degrees podcast900 Degrees12.
A Race Around the World: Based on the True Adventures of Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland podcastA Race Around the World: Based on the True Adventures of Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland13.
American Filth podcastAmerican Filth14.
American History Hit podcastAmerican History Hit16.
As I Remember It: Bertie Ahern & The Good Friday Agreement podcastAs I Remember It: Bertie Ahern & The Good Friday Agreement17.
Bad Manors podcastBad Manors18.
Bag Man podcastBag Man19.
Battleground: Ukraine podcastBattleground: Ukraine20.
Better Known podcastBetter Known21.
Big Sugar podcastBig Sugar22.
Bitter Blood: Murdoch v. Murdoch podcastBitter Blood: Murdoch v. Murdoch23.
Bizarre History podcastBizarre History24.
Blood on the Dance Floor podcastBlood on the Dance Floor25.
Blowback podcastBlowback26.
British Scandal podcastBritish Scandal27.
Cities through the centuries podcastCities through the centuries28.
City of the Rails podcastCity of the Rails29.
Computer Freaks podcastComputer Freaks30.

The best History podcasts

Understanding the past is unlocking the present. These history podcasts immerse you into countries’ pasts from the mouth of experts. They will uncover the unique events of wars, conflicts, and World powers.
If you used to nap in history class, you would never do it again. Moreover, these podcasts teach you this subject in a language easy you can understand.
Some of the best history podcasts are pretty controversial too. They talk about events that occurred long ago and still have many secrets. This type of history podcast aims at listeners interested in gossip and historical facts that are publicly accepted.
Additionally, you will learn in detail about ancient times, the Roman empire and its decline, the Middle Ages, and the growth of the Catholic Church as a political entity.
The shows in this category touch upon the life of emperors, kings, characters, and communities. So take your time and learn about the past differently!