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History podcasts

The Rest Is History
American History Tellers
American Scandal
Black History, For Real
Everything Everywhere Daily
Behind the Bastards
Medal of Honor: Stories of Courage
About a Boy: The Story of Vladimir Putin
After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds & the Paranormal
America: A History Podcast
American Criminal
American Filth
American History Hit
An Old Timey Podcast
Bag Man
BEEF with Bridget Todd
Big Sugar
Bitter Blood: Murdoch v. Murdoch
Bizarre History
British Scandal
Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford
City of the Rails
Computer Freaks
Contempt of Court with Elie Mystal
Cover Up: The Anthrax Threat
Crime Countdown

The best History podcasts

Understanding the past is unlocking the present. These history podcasts immerse you into countries' pasts from the mouth of experts. They will uncover the unique events of wars, conflicts, and World powers.
If you used to nap in history class, you would never do it again. Moreover, these podcasts teach you this subject in a language easy you can understand.
Some of the best history podcasts are pretty controversial too. They talk about events that occurred long ago and still have many secrets. This type of history podcast aims at listeners interested in gossip and historical facts that are publicly accepted.
Additionally, you will learn in detail about ancient times, the Roman empire and its decline, the Middle Ages, and the growth of the Catholic Church as a political entity.
The shows in this category touch upon the life of emperors, kings, characters, and communities. So take your time and learn about the past differently!
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