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The best The Guardian podcasts

The famous British newspaper, The Guardian, has become an enormous media company providing podcasts. Because of its diverse audience, this media giant has thousands of hours of audio content available to listen to for free.

The Guardian podcasts are related to the latest in current affairs, films, politics, music, books, science and more. Most emblematic shows include Today in Focus by Anushka Asthana, which combines personal storytelling with journalism and analysis.

If you love sports, The Guardian Football Weekly is for you! This twice-weekly programme has the best analysis of European football and premier leagues.
Likewise, The Guardian has classic podcasts, such as The Long Read. It has a selection of long-read articles online and in the newspaper. More essential topics like business, immigration, crime, arts and more make perfect material for people who want to listen to the news in 40 minutes.

Also, you will find The Guardian politics podcasts and science shows. Programmes are broadcasted once a week by well-known journalists that make up an unbeatable professional team of experts in these fields for a deeper understanding of the news.