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The Daily Wire is a US news website and media company established in 2015. Starting from the foundation, the company held the leading place and became a top publisher on Facebook. In 2022, the company launched a new platform called DailyWire+. This is a video-on-demand platform, including podcasts and video productions. In simplest words, DailyWire+ is the streaming home of its founder company. It is an American rapidly developing media and a good source of news with countercultural basics, opinions, and entertainment.
The company was established by political commentator Ben Shapiro and filmmaker Jeremy Boring. The main purpose was to create extraordinary media content with a focus on helping businesses to grow their profit and improve distribution and marketing.
DailyWire+ is a subscription-based podcast and video-on-demand streaming service.
Technically, it is an umbrella platform that integrates exciting and unique projects. Great professionals work in its productions, including Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, and Matt Walsh. In addition, a significant update is coming in 2023, content for kids.
DailyWire+ is a successful platform. It is the 6th biggest podcast publisher and is the producer of very popular and appreciated podcasts in the US, including The Ben Shapiro Show, The Jordan B. Peterson podcast, The Matt Walsh Show, The Michael Knowles Show, Morning Wire, and Candace Owners. The company also produces its original series, such as Apollo 11: What We Saw, America's Forgotten Heroes, and from the actual ones The Cold War: What We Saw.