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Legends of the Ashes
The Self Love Revolution
A Piece of Cake with Gregg Wallace
Alien Kidnap Club
At Your Leisure with Sue Perkins
Big Fish with Spencer Matthews
Dick & Angel's Chat...Eau
Filthy Ritual
Here Comes The Guillotine
I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha with Lee Mack & Neil Webster
LuAnna: The Podcast
My Therapist Ghosted Me
Rachel Johnson's Difficult Women
Reel Talk with Honey & Jonathan Ross
Restless Natives with Martin Compston & Gordon Smart
Shaun Keaveny's Daily Grind
Spencer & Vogue
Take That: This Life
The News Agents
The News Agents - USA
The Presidents & Prime Ministers
The Sports Agents
The Wittering Whitehalls
Tom Dean Medal Machine
We Can Be Weirdos
Who We Are Now with Izzy & Richard Hammond
You're Wrong About ADHD

The best Global podcasts

Global Media UK is a broadcasting and visual media powerhouse, owning popular radio stations such as Capital and Classic FM. This media giant has successfully pivoted to the digital world, offering a mix of streaming services and podcasting, catering to all tastes with music hits and the latest news. At the heart of its digital evolution is the Global Player, a platform offering exciting podcasts. Its biggest success, The News Agents, dives into current events with Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel, and Lewis Goodall. Spencer Matthews gets personal on Big Fish, while My Therapist Ghosted Me serves up laughs with no filters.
In Daily Grind, Shaun Keaveny gives us a peek into his daily reflections, while Myleene Klass's They Don't Teach This At School brings to light the lesser-known life teachings from celebrated individuals. If true crime is your thing, Filthy Ritual pulls you into the tangled tales of a con artist's life. These podcasts are just a glimpse into Global Media's diverse offerings, affirming its status as a titan in digital storytelling.