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The best Noiser podcasts

Noiser is a network and podcast production company based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2020 by Pascal Hughes, who also serves as the CEO.
The company mainly produces history and drama podcasts, but there is an occasional true crime here and there. Its history and drama storytelling podcasts are based on research and usually comprise narrative voiceovers, contributor access, and immersive sound designs.
Ever since its inception, Noiser has produced several award-winning podcasts, and it hasn't been left behind in the award-winning either. The most notable award it has won is the Gold Prize at the 2021 British Podcast Awards in the arts and culture.
It is the producer behind the hit podcast, Real Dictators. Real Dictators is an informative podcast that looks into and presents to you the secret lives of tyrants, dictators, autocrats, and despots that the world has witnessed.
If you are looking for a blend of informative content and entertainment, Noiser's has a great offer. You will find works such as Real Narcos -an investigative show that exposes the Narco-terrorists of Latin America, Deathbed Confessions -where Estefania Hageman narrates the tales behind the secrets and confessions made by people in their dying moments, and Short History Of… -a podcast that describes and gives an in-depth review of extraordinary events that took place back in time.
History lovers are covered by the likes of History Daily, a podcast that offers and exhausts a historical fact or event that happened on the same date that it airs back in time.