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Short History Of...
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Short History Of...


History is full of the extraordinary. Read more


Ian Fleming

04/21/2024 01:02:19
Introducing: The Curious History of Your Home

04/14/2024 00:33:50
The Aztecs

04/07/2024 01:00:38
The Battle of the Somme

03/31/2024 00:56:56
The Founding Fathers of the US

03/25/2024 01:01:39
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Our take on Short History Of... podcast

Noiser is an award-winning podcast production company that has produced several hits, and it is again here with another great piece. A short history of... covers history's most outstanding moments, events and people.

The topics have been chosen brilliantly, and the facts are accurate. For example, rarely touched on issues such as the invention of football are tackled with great attention to detail facts.

An account of the world's history is given and outstanding moments such as the earliest space exploration times and the extensively and exhaustively covered space stations.

Producer: Noiser
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 146
Average duration: 50'
Frequency: Weekly

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