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PRX Productions is a non-profit company specializing in audio streaming and storytelling podcasts. PRX gathers an entire team of industry professionals, such as sound engineers and editors, who help individually working producers acquire a loyal audience. The company produces its partners' podcasts, broadcasts, experimental audio and sound idents. In addition, it supports media creation and development, mainly in the US.
PRX is a leading producing company that has built strong partnerships with leading organizations, such as TED, the Smithsonian, Futuro Media, Religion of Sports and more.
PRX Productions has more than three decades of experience in the industry and has worked on shows like Studio 360, The New York Times podcasts, Over the Road and even TEDx Shorts. PRX strives to stay loyal to the mission of making the public media a trustworthy and informatory source of knowledge, inspiration and motivation. The company wants to deliver diverse, exclusive and influential stories.
PRX has been an innovative media for a long time and is in the top ten podcast publishers. The organization aims to develop the technology and strengthen a community of creators full of energy and enthusiasm.
In addition, PRX provides valuable and professional radio programming to many stations from all over the world. Among those stations are The World, The Moth Radio Hour, This American Life, Snap Judgment, Reveal, The Takeaway, and Latino USA.