Taylor Swift podcast episodes

Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast
Dave & Chuck the Freak PodcastWednesday, February 21st 2024 Dave & Chuck the Freak Full Show02/21/2024
Boomer & Gio
Boomer & GioBoomer & Gio Podcast (WHOLE SHOW)02/21/2024
Boomer & Gio
Boomer & GioNFL Not Releasing Reid/Kelce Audio - Some Thoughts; Aaron Judge Meets Press & Hints At More Yanks Moves; Jaromir Jagr's Jounger Girlfriend (Hour 1)02/21/2024
Business Wars
Business WarsTaylor Swift vs The World | On the Outside | 102/21/2024
Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast
Howie Mandel Does Stuff PodcastTaylor Swift VS. Beyonce and Private Plane Traveling with Luenell | Howie Mandel Does Stuff #16602/20/2024
Sit With Us
Sit With Us🧎‍♀️Spilling our Confessions02/20/2024
Boomer & Gio
Boomer & GioBoomer & Gio Podcast (WHOLE SHOW)02/20/2024
Boomer & Gio
Boomer & GioGio's Daughter Thoughts; More From Soto & Boone On Yanks Season & Facial Hair; Travis Kelce's Lavish Valentine For Taylor Swift; Evan Goes At Rangers Fans (Hour 4)02/20/2024
Paper Cuts
Paper CutsDavid Cameron vs. dirty Russian money – Dad bods vs. lady bods – The Mail’s Liz Jones vs. reality02/20/2024
The Dan Patrick Show
The Dan Patrick ShowHour 1 - Trump Sneakers, Should Taylor Get a Ring?02/19/2024
Word In Your Ear
Word In Your EarSteve Wright and other great radioheads, McCartney’s bass & the non-profits of Python02/19/2024
Leading60. Anthony Scaramucci: What it's like to be Donald Trump's Communications Director02/19/2024
Drew and Mike Show
Drew and Mike ShowDrew and Mike – February 18, 202402/18/2024
ShamelessThe Taylor Swift series: Part 502/18/2024
Bravo Therapy
Bravo TherapyBravo Baes, Love Grinches, and Self Love Island02/18/2024
Collect Call With Suge Knight
Collect Call With Suge KnightEpisode 12 - Salute The Women02/17/2024
Post Reports
Post ReportsThe Campaign Moment: From Trump to Swift02/16/2024
The Morning Toast
The Morning ToastThe Neurotypical Podcast: Friday, February 16th, 202402/16/2024
The Brilliant Idiots
The Brilliant IdiotsDaddy's Home02/16/2024
SwayThe State of A.I. + Will Perplexity Beat Google or Destroy the Web?02/16/2024
Hard Fork
Hard ForkThe State of A.I. + Will Perplexity Beat Google or Destroy the Web?02/16/2024
Politics Weekly America
Politics Weekly AmericaWhy do so many Americans believe the Taylor Swift and Joe Biden conspiracy?02/16/2024
Everything Is Content
Everything Is ContentEp 11: Did we need another One Day adaptation? 02/16/2024
NewscastWas The Recession Inevitable?02/15/2024
Candace Owens
Candace OwensTHIS Is Why Black Women Don't Like Taylor Swift...02/15/2024
The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
The Dan Le Batard Show with StugotzHour 2: Avoiding The Paperwork02/15/2024
Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar
Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar2/15/24: Russian Space Nuke Hysteria, Morning Joe Pushes Russiagate, Former Biden Trump Voters On RFK Jr Support, The View Panics Over Jon Stewart, Israel Storms Largest Gaza Hospital, IDF Photoshoot In Gaza Kitchens, Ukraine Sends Troops To Meatgrinder, Taylor Swift Conspiracy Backfires On Republicans02/15/2024
Morning Brew Daily
Morning Brew DailyBezos Saving $600M in Miami Move & Zuck Roasts Apple Vision Pro02/15/2024
Critics at Large | The New Yorker
Critics at Large | The New YorkerHow Usher, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift Build Their Own Legacies02/15/2024
Deux U
Deux UThe Superbowl, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber w/ Infamous Podcast 02/15/2024
Media Confidential
Media ConfidentialAsk the Editors: Ofcom, GB News and Biden on TikTok02/15/2024
BFFs featuring Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy
BFFs featuring Josh Richards and Dave PortnoyDAVE PORTNOY WELCOMES A NEW FAMILY MEMBER — BFFs EP. 16302/15/2024
Adam Carolla Show
Adam Carolla ShowJeff Leach on Nepo-Babies and Smooth Operator + Linda Hamilton 02/15/2024
I Am Athlete Podcast
I Am Athlete PodcastPaper Route: Ep. 186 | Lebron & Steph???02/14/2024
The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
The Dan Le Batard Show with StugotzHour 2: Goodbye, Chris Wittyngham02/14/2024
First Take
First TakeHour 2: Choke Job?02/14/2024
The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
The Dan Le Batard Show with StugotzHour 1: Jessica's Grandma02/14/2024
The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
The Dan Le Batard Show with StugotzThe Big Suey: Unless You're Tryna Hold It Down02/14/2024
Boomer & Gio
Boomer & GioBoomer & Gio Podcast (WHOLE SHOW)02/14/2024
Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash Singh
Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash SinghSchulz Is A DAD, Taylor Swift Wins Super Bowl, & Putin Tucker Interview Reaction02/14/2024

Best Taylor Swift podcast episodes

Explore Taylor Swift’s phenomenal journey through the best podcast episodes about her life and work. The podcast episodes in this collection explore how she reshaped the music industry and popular culture. Each episode offers unique insights into her life, from her early songwriting days to her rise as one of the most powerful women in music.

From a teenage country sensation to a global pop icon, Swift’s evolution is as diverse as it is inspiring. Starting her career at 14, she quickly made waves with her self-titled debut album. With each new release, from the country-pop blend of Fearless to the synth-pop hits of 1989, Swift has continuously reinvented herself. Her songs like Love Story and Shake It Off aren’t just chart-toppers; they’re anthems that have defined a generation. But Swift’s artistry goes beyond music; her advocacy for artists’ rights and women’s empowerment has made her a figure of global influence.
2023 marked a historic year for Swift, becoming Time Person of the Year and the first billionaire woman with music as her primary source of income, thanks to her record-breaking Eras Tour. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just discovering her music, these podcast episodes about Taylor Swift provide an engaging look into her extraordinary journey.