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Ad Lucem
Hidden Signal: Evergreen
How to Win Friends and Disappear People
Jillian on Love
Letting It Settle with Michael Galyon
Little Curiosities With Kendall Long
The Foxes of Hydesville

The best QCODE podcasts

Since 2018, QCODE Media has been transforming the podcast scene with top-notch, scripted audio dramas. They use leading performers and rich soundscapes, making their podcasts feel movie-like, showing they can tell a wide range of stories across various platforms. This change marks a big shift in podcasts, now recognized for their storytelling potential beyond traditional talk shows and interviews.
QCODE's podcasts include AD LUCEM, a drama about a tech firm's AI in 2032, and EVERGREEN, where eight people are in a biosphere under crooked circumstances. They also present supernatural and mind-bending thrillers, such as How to Win Friends and Disappear People, which revolves around a computer scientist who encounters a vampire, while Borrasca verses around the dark mysteries of a small town.
QCODE offers more than just thrillers; it also has educational shows. For example, Little Curiosities With Kendall Long focuses on life's intriguing questions, and Jillian on Love discusses love and personal growth. This variety means there's something for everyone, from exciting stories to educational and informative content.