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Hidden Signal: Evergreen
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Hidden Signal: Evergreen


Hannah (Lana Condor) finds herself trapped inside her boss Fin Gorale’s (Alan Cumming) subterranean biosphere named Evergreen, alongside seven of the world’s greatest minds. Read more


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02/12/2024 00:44:33
We’re A Team, Remember? | Episode 9

07/20/2023 00:48:03
We Do Whatever We Need To Survive | Episode 8

07/13/2023 00:45:34
Stop Talking, Start Climbing | Episode 7

07/06/2023 00:48:03
I’d Rather Die Trying | Episode 6

06/29/2023 00:44:25
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Our take on Hidden Signal: Evergreen podcast

The inaugural series of QCODE's Hidden Signal podcast, Evergreen, is an engaging journey into a dystopian world beneath the earth's surface. Trapped in Fin Gorale's 'Evergreen' biosphere, Hannah and seven eminent minds are left with the aftermath of a catastrophic asteroid impact. Under the brilliant voice acting of Lana Condor and Alan Cumming, the plot weaves through power struggles and changing alliances as they attempt to recreate society, only to discover their sanctuary is fatally flawed. Creators Chloe Stearns and John Wynn deliver a 9-part saga filled with suspense, ego clashes, and the consequences of choice. Hidden Signal: Evergreen is a science fiction podcast by QCODE.

Producer: QCODE
Host: Chloe Stearns and John Wynn (creators)
Country: United States
Episodes count: 11
Average duration: 50'
Frequency: Weekly

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