TED Talks Daily

TED Talks Daily podcastYou will get a daily dose of inspiration with disruptive ideas and alternative points of view.

Crash Course With Michael Walker

Crash Course With Michael Walker podcastBritish most significant challenges under scrutiny. Every week, Michael Walker and his guests analyze the current crisis, its consequences and how to handle them.

Defected Radio

Defected Radio podcastDefected Radio plays house music in all its episodes from various labels, including its parent label, Defected Records.


ReThinking podcast Host: Adam Grant
Country: United States

TED podcasts

This is a world-famous non-profit organisation that began its work in 1984, and its mission is to spread innovative ideas (hence its motto, Ideas Worth Spreading). Currently, TED holds events and publishes the talks in podcast format, in addition to video format.
TED talks discuss global problems, business, science and many more exciting topics with a curious look and alternative solutions. You will find the most important ideas in each subject by listening to TED Talks Daily, TED Business and TED Kids and Family.