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As an organizational psychologist, Adam Grant believes that great minds don't think alike; they challenge each other to think differently. Read more


Anne Lamott's thoughts on love, writing, and being judgy

04/16/2024 39:30
How to make the most of your twenties with Meg Jay

04/09/2024 35:21
Yuval Noah Harari on what history teaches us about justice and peace

04/02/2024 41:11
Life, the universe, and everything with Nobel laureate physicist Saul Perlmutter (Bonus)

04/01/2024 31:55
The science of memory with Charan Ranganath

03/26/2024 42:46
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Our take on ReThinking podcast

Our brains feed on information, and we think and rethink to perform better. There is a lot to reconsider, and ReThinking is a show you wouldn't want to miss on Tuesdays. This podcast allows you to channel ideas, thoughts, and reasoning about how the world works and how to manage your work and life. You will love each moment you spend listening to some of the best creators, leaders, economists, and other of the highest achievers worldwide discussing their work, research, and analysis.

Producer: TED
Host: Adam Grant
Country: United States
Episodes count: 93
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly - Tuesdays

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