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DogCast Radio - for everyone who loves dogs
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DogCast Radio - for everyone who loves dogs

Graeme Sims

www.DogCastRadio.com We seek to cover anything and everything dog related. Read more


Episode 274 - Crufts 2024 and can dog friendly be neurodivergent friendly?

03/30/2024 03:09:04
Episode 273 - dog parkour and dog news discussion

03/02/2024 00:40:17
Episode 272 - dog AITA and having fun with your dog

01/25/2024 00:28:20
Episode 271 - a new kind of dog daycare and ringcraft

11/25/2023 01:18:52
Episode 270 - clinical behaviourist Rachel Rodgers and author Mark E. Scott

11/25/2023 01:15:15
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Our take on DogCast Radio - for everyone who loves dogs podcast

If you are a dog lover and want to know more about training your dog and everything dog-related, then the DogCast Radio podcast is for you. In each episode, Graeme Sims and his guests talk about anything and everything related to dogs. They discuss different breeds of dogs, how to train them, and connect with them, among other topics. One fantastic thing about this podcast is that it is not limited only to adults. The podcast discusses puppy play time, competitions, and training tips for young listeners.

Host: Graeme Sims
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 274
Average duration: 60'
Frequency: Irregular

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