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The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)
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The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)

Your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news and interviews with industry veterans. Read more


425: Amstrad CPC 40th Anniversary with Roland Perry Pt 1 - The Retro Hour EP425

04/19/2024 01:28:50
424: From Harvester to Midway with Lee Jacobson - The Retro Hour EP424

04/11/2024 01:31:07
423: BioShock: Creating Rapture with Ken Levine - The Retro Hour EP423

04/04/2024 01:40:54
422: Macintosh Librarian: Vintage Apple Computers - The Retro Hour EP422

03/29/2024 01:36:00
421: Origin Systems, American Laser Games & Women in Gaming: Sheri Graner Ray - The Retro Hour EP421

03/22/2024 01:17:09
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Our take on The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)

The Retro Hour is at times referred to as the Retro Gaming Podcast. Here, you will find the hottest retro gaming and technology trends every week. The host interviews industry veterans in each episode, discussing different games and stories. You will hear from the best gamers across the planet as they extensively talk about the all-time favourites, such as Mortal Kombat and Nintendo.

Country: United States
Episodes count: 427
Average duration: 90'
Frequency: Weekly

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