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The Ringer Fantasy Football Show
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The Ringer Fantasy Football Show

The Ringer

Danny Heifetz, Danny Kelly, and Craig Horlbeck guide you through the 2024 fantasy football offseason with analysis on big-picture conversations like who to draft, how to draft, if players over 30 are still good, if rookies are too young, which coaches you absolutely cannot trust, and how to punish whoever got last place in your league. Read more


Our Favorite Fantasy Players of 2024

07/23/2024 01:06:47
Bounce-Back Sleepers for 2024

07/18/2024 01:15:21
The Biggest Fantasy Questions for 2024

07/15/2024 01:05:38
The Most Boring Players Who Will Win Your Fantasy League

07/12/2024 01:08:07
Trust or Bust: The Most Important Fantasy Players on New Teams

07/09/2024 01:16:22
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Our take on The Ringer Fantasy Football Show podcast

A session with football experts Danny Kelly, Danny Heifetz, and Craig Horlbeck is all you need to stay updated with everything happening in the football world. The trio makes it easier to make informed decisions, choose the right switches, and stay on top of your football fantasy league. This show provides a detailed season analysis from trades to weekly matchups and daily fantasy tips. Unlike other football fantasy shows, The Ringer Fantasy Football Show is fun, entertaining, and engaging, and each episode is filled with laughter and the humor you need. 

The Ringer
Danny Heifetz, Danny Kelly, and Craig Horlbeck
United States
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