Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe

Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe podcastPatrick McEnroe presents a tennis podcast which is ideal for any listener. You will surely love his show, even if you are a beginner or a pro.

Tennis IQ Podcast

Tennis IQ PodcastLearn everything you want to know about the mental game of tennis with Brian Lomax and Josh Burger. The sport psychology professionals duo explain all you want to know about cognitive performance in tennis.

The Body Serve

The Body Serve podcast Host: Jonathan Newman & James Rogers
Country: United States

The Tennis Podcast

The Tennis Podcast Host: David Law, Catherine Whitaker and Matt Roberts
Country: United States

The best Tennis podcasts

This category features some of the best tennis podcasts currently available, aimed at keeping up with the sport’s professional players.
Tennis Podcasts give fans a little bit of everything related to the sport. The hosts do a great job keeping things casual. They also bring in some prominent names more often than not. So instead of a lot of hard-hitting analysis, listeners will get a more realistic look at tennis. This allows people passionate about the sport to enjoy the storylines instead of a complete breakdown.
Tennis fans may expect a lot from the best tennis podcasts included in this category. Each show will provide a lot of knowledge about the sport and insight into the mental health of players who have experienced issues. It also features interviews with prominent touring players, intriguing Q&As, and much more.
Anyone who enjoys tennis can listen to The Tennis Podcast, which covers the latest tournaments, previews upcoming events, and makes predictions. It also publishes nightly during Grand Slam events. Interviews with prominent coaches and players are frequent. In addition, the podcast covers anecdotes and events from the sport’s history.
Tennis podcasts are known for their unique take on the sport. They provide a fresh perspective on the game that no other medium can. In the best tennis podcasts, you may find:
• Player authenticity, getting acquainted with players as individuals.
• Healthy debates and “what if” discussions.
• Interviews with tennis players about their careers, challenges, and mental health.
• More and more details about the game, tactics, and other stories.
Instead of the typical pre and post-match interviews, tennis podcasts show players themselves as individuals. They do so by breaking down the mundane details of their lives and offering a glimpse of who they are. Aside from interviews with players, tennis podcasts can also help broaden your perspective on the game by bringing in different voices. Some include coaches, agents, tour employees, and chair umpires.