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Hammer Territory: an Atlanta Braves show
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Hammer Territory: an Atlanta Braves show

Foul Territory Network

Hammer Territory is your go-to podcast on the Atlanta Braves. Read more


Starting the Second Half With Success Against St. Louis

Yesterday (07/19/2024) 00:36:17
Bonus pod: All-Star Chris Sale joins Foul Territory from Texas

07/18/2024 00:16:37
Two Weeks to the Trade Deadline

07/17/2024 00:46:36
Breaking Down the Braves Search to Improve the Outfield at the MLB Trade Deadline

07/16/2024 00:49:04
Braves Close 'First Half' With Road Series Victory In San Diego

07/15/2024 00:23:56
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Our take on Hammer Territory: an Atlanta Braves show podcast

Hammer Territory: an Atlanta Braves show is a baseball podcast by Foul Territory Network.

Foul Territory Network
Brad Rowland, Scott Coleman, Stephen Tolbert, & Shawn Coleman
United States
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Listener reviews

Russell Cookman - 06/05/2024
***** I give this podcast a 5-star rating because Brad Rowland excels at providing information with an appropriate amount of statistical backing while avoiding the overuse of cliches. He injects his opinions with humility and a sense of humor. Although I don't always agree with Brad, most often I do, and when I don't I find his presentations reasonable. I gave this podcast 5 stars because I enjoy Brad that much. I do have criticism for the other members of the team. I value Stephen Colbert's knowledge and opinion, but he seems to repeat himself saying the same thing several different ways. I think Scott Coleman is predictable for my taste. I feel I know what he is going to say before he says it. Maybe it's me but Shawn Coleman's voice reminds me of a used car salesman.

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