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Baseball Is Dead
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Baseball Is Dead

Underdog Fantasy

Hosts Dustin Swedelson and Adam Burke bring their unique perspectives to the burning baseball topics that everybody is talking about and sprinkle in some betting content too. Read more


Guardians and Mets starts sustainable?

04/22/2024 00:42:46
Jack Leiter's debut, sa-burke-metrics, Angel Hernandez is horrible

04/18/2024 01:07:25
Are the Royals and Brewers for real?

04/15/2024 00:31:36
Jackson Holliday arrives. ROY markets.

04/11/2024 00:52:35
Major injuries to star starting pitchers. NL Cy Young.

04/08/2024 00:46:29
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Our take on Baseball Is Dead podcast

If you're a baseball fan looking for a fresh take, Baseball Is Dead is your go-to. With episodes three times a week, each lasting a solid two hours, it gives you all the ins and outs of baseball. From player trades to team acquisitions and weekend MLB recaps, Jared Carrabis covers it. His analysis and theories on the latest in baseball are informative and engaging, with everything you want to know about baseball. Baseball Is Dead is a baseball podcast by DraftKings.

Producer: Underdog Fantasy
Host: Jared Carrabis
Country: United States
Episodes count: 215
Average duration: 120'
Frequency: Three times per week

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