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The BEMA Podcast
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The BEMA Podcast

BEMA Discipleship

The BEMA Podcast is a walk-through of the context of the Bible and the Text itself, as well as surrounding history. Read more


-1: What Is BEMA?

08/25/2016 16:09
0: Introductory Lesson

09/01/2016 38:19
1: Trust the Story

09/08/2016 51:00
2: Knowing When to Say “Enough”

09/15/2016 46:50
3: Master the Beast

09/22/2016 25:16
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Our take on The BEMA Podcast

This podcast is your go-to for diving deep into the Bible and its context. Marty Salomon breaks down its stories, characters, and teachings and takes a closer look at its historical context. One episode at a time, she makes a new reading of the Bible from a fresh perspective. The BEMA Podcast is a christianity podcast by BEMA Discipleship.

Producer: BEMA Discipleship
Host: Marty Salomon
Country: United States
Episodes count: 309
Average duration: 40’
Frequency: Weekly

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