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The Making of Messi
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The Making of Messi

The Athletic

Lionel Messi - arguably the greatest footballer of all time - is now an Inter Miami player and the biggest asset MLS has ever had. Read more


Part Three - Leaving a Legacy

07/24/2023 00:28:11
Part Two - Coming to America

07/24/2023 00:27:57
Part One - Becoming the GOAT

07/24/2023 00:35:52

Our take on The Making of Messi podcast

The Making of Messi is a must-listen podcast split into three parts, all about soccer star Lionel Messi. Mike Zimmermann takes us from Messi's early days in Argentina to his new role at Inter Miami. The first episode digs into why Messi is often called the best ever, especially after his big 2022 World Cup win. Episode two zooms in on his move to America, with opinions from former MLS players about how he'll fit in. The final episode explores what Messi's career means for soccer and even dives into his big business deals. Each episode is just 30 minutes, making it a quick but deep dive into Messi's life and career. The Making of Messi is a soccer podcast by The Athletic.

Producer: The Athletic
Host: Mike Zimmermann
Country: United States
Episodes count: 3
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: 3-part series

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