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Third Time's the Charm
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Third Time's the Charm

Underdog Fantasy

The Third Time's the Charm as Coley Mick and Trill Withers return with another joint venture as they break down what's new in the NBA and pop culture.  Read more


Coley and Trill's Celtics Championship Hangover Show

06/18/2024 02:56:10
Coley and Trill Debate If The Mavs Still Have a Chance, The Best NBA Draft Prospects and More!

06/11/2024 03:13:28
Coley and Trill Debate The '04 Pistons vs '17 Warriors, and NBA Finals Predictions w/ special guest Master Tesfatsion

06/04/2024 03:13:37
Coley and Trill Discuss The NBA Playoffs, Free Agency, And Part 2 of The Top 100 Albums of All Time

05/28/2024 04:00:41
Coley and Trill React to Denver's Huge Loss, NBA Conference Finals Predictions, & Top 100 Albums of All Time

05/21/2024 03:04:58
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Our take on Third Time's the Charm podcast

Third Time's the Charm brings you Coley Mick and Trill Withers' seasoned sports knowledge every week. They have the knack for sports chat, covering the NFL, NBA, and MLB with the ease of old pals, but they don't stop there—expect detours into pop culture, from John Wick to Sydney Sweeney. Every Tuesday, a blend of sharp sports analysis and entertaining conversation make a perfect weekly catch-up. Third Time's the Charm is a basketball podcast by Underdog Fantasy.

Underdog Fantasy
Coley Mick and Trill Withers
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