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Daily News podcasts

The Daily
Up First
The Megyn Kelly Show
The Ben Shapiro Show
Morning Wire
The Charlie Kirk Show
NPR News Now
The Bulwark Podcast
The Matt Walsh Show
Today, Explained
Consider This from NPR
Global News Podcast
The Glenn Beck Program
All In with Chris Hayes
Armstrong & Getty On Demand
Bannon`s War Room
Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News and Analysis
Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar
Deadline: White House
Morning Brew Daily
Morning Joe
Post Reports
Red Eye Radio
Start Here
State of Ukraine
The Beat with Ari Melber
The Daily Signal Podcast
The Duran Podcast
The Gerry Callahan Show / Newsmax Radio
The Jesse Kelly Show

The best Daily News podcasts

In a world where news travel faster than ever, the daily news podcasts that you will find in this collection are a great option to stay informed. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from global politics to local events, in formats that cater to everyone's schedule. From in-depth analysis or quick updates, there's surely a podcast to match your needs. Let's review some of them.
The most popular and reputable daily news podcast, The Daily from The New York Times, touches on current affairs with a focus on investigative journalism, to give you a better understanding of the major stories. You will listen to interviews with top reporters who have firsthand knowledge of the events and bring a rich, immersive experience that goes beyond the headlines. On the other hand, NPR's Up First condenses the top news into a brief format perfect for morning updates, to start your day fully informed.
If you like to follow the international affairs, turn to the Global News Podcast from the BBC, with top coverage of complex global issues, making them accessible to all. Last but not least, whether it's political analysis or cultural phenomena, podcasts like Today, Explained and Consider This from NPR offer a wide range of topics in engaging, easy-to-follow episodes. This diversity in topics and approaches makes this collection of Daily news podcasts a great resource to stay updated in today's speedy world.
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