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Politics podcasts

The Ben Shapiro Show
The Megyn Kelly Show
Pod Save America
The Dan Bongino Show
The Ezra Klein Show
The Charlie Kirk Show
Prosecuting Donald Trump
The Rachel Maddow Show
The Bulwark Podcast
The NPR Politics Podcast
The President's Daily Brief
Today, Explained
Deadline: White House
Shrinking Trump
The Rest Is Politics: US
Acton Unwind
All In with Chris Hayes
America On Trial
American Friction
American Psyop
Bannon`s War Room
Bernie: The Podcast
Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News and Analysis
Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar
Bunga Bunga
Candace Owens
Coalition of the Sane
Contempt of Court with Elie Mystal
Countdown with Keith Olbermann

The best Politics podcasts

This category contains all the best political podcasts in the US. They analyze the past, current and most-probable political situations. The hosts range from amateur to award-winning political analysts and do not fail to deliver. They also invite political think tanks both from within and outside the US. These brilliant thinkers conduct in-depth analyses of political happenings around the world.
We have good politics podcasts that review and interrogate the policies made by the federal government. They examine the forces that influence governments' public and administrative procedures. They invite notable and distinguished authors, journalists, and public policy formulation and implementation experts.
There are also shows that touch on governance with a political ring. They celebrate national heroes, explore the history and the various changes in government over time, and so much more. It is challenging to separate government and politics; these pods endeavor to discuss them without bias.
Pro-government and criticizing programs are available in equal measure. These talking politics podcasts cover extensive issues such as extrajudicial killings, the opposition's role, stalled government projects, mega scandals, and various frauds uncovered over time.
Most of the podcasts about politics involve guests debating political developments worldwide. They also discuss, analyze and give solutions to the most pressing political challenges. This makes them excellent learning avenues for students and everyone interested in understanding politics.
You will get actionable insight and digestible advice from these political podcasts. In addition, most of these sessions are interactive, and listeners get to ask questions as the dialogues continue.
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