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Curious Kid Podcast
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Curious Kid Podcast

Olivia and Jacob

Join Jacob and curious kids, 10 year old Olivia and 7 year old Noah, as they debate fun and educational topics. Read more


Showdown #8: Should People Be Required To Pay Taxes?

04/14/2024 00:21:06
Showdown #7: Should People Bathe Every Day?

03/31/2024 00:18:34
Showdown #6: Is Artificial Intelligence Good?

03/17/2024 00:18:32
Showdown #5: Should Humans Colonize The Moon?

03/03/2024 00:18:19
Showdown #4: Should Students Have Homework?

02/18/2024 00:22:01
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Our take on Curious Kid Podcast

9-year-old Olivia and her father, Jacob, explore intriguing topics, from belly buttons to rockets, in a compelling and relatable manner. The duo's charming dynamic makes learning fun, and their curiosity is contagious. With new episodes every Sunday, this podcast offers the perfect entertainment and education for families to enjoy together.  Curious Kid Podcast is an education for kids podcast by Olivia.

Producer: Olivia and Jacob
Host: Olivia and Jacob
Country: United States
Episodes count: 335
Average duration: 15’
Frequency: Weekly

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