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The Cat In The Hat Cast
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The Cat In The Hat Cast


Hold on tight and prepare to be whisked away on a weekly adventure with Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat! Read more


Fishes in Wanderland | 13

Yesterday (04/22/2024) 00:25:39
Snarky Clark the Great White Shark | 12

04/15/2024 00:24:15
Merriment Manor | 11

04/08/2024 00:27:24
Finfluencer | 10

04/01/2024 00:24:53
Grudge Match | 9

03/25/2024 00:26:48
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Our take on The Cat In The Hat Cast podcast

The Cat In The Hat Cast packs catchy tunes and clever rhymes. Your guide is none other than the cheeky Cat in the Hat, who schools Fish in the fine craft of podcasting. Whether singing the alphabet in unique ways or twirling your tongue with crazy phrases, there’s never a dull moment. A weekly dose of playful chaos that will leave you and your family wondering what zany stunt the Cat will unveil next. The Cat In The Hat Cast is a kids & family podcast by Wondery.

Producer: Wondery
Host: Dr. Seuss
Country: United States
Episodes count: 14
Average duration: 25'
Frequency: Weekly

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