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Practicing the Way
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Practicing the Way

John Mark Comer and Tyler Staton

How do we live with a greater level of intentionality in our apprenticeship to Jesus?The Practicing the Way podcast is the new podcast by Practicing the Way. Read more


Luminary Interview: Andy Crouch

03/19/2024 01:17:34
Episode 05: How? A Rule of Life

03/05/2024 00:33:15
Episode 04: Do as Jesus Did

02/27/2024 00:34:04
Episode 03: Become Like Jesus

02/20/2024 00:32:09
Episode 02: Be with Jesus

02/13/2024 00:40:55
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Our take on Practicing the Way podcast

Practicing the Way invites you to deepen your faith through the teachings of Jesus. John Mark Comer and Tyler Staton guide us to live intentionally and mirror Jesus in our daily lives. Their discussions on creating a personal Rule of Life offer practical steps for spiritual growth, great for those seeking to align their actions with their beliefs. It's a refreshing take on living out one's faith in the modern world and making a life centered around Jesus's example. Practicing the Way is a Christian podcast by Practicing the Way.

Host: John Mark Comer and Tyler Staton
Country: United States
Episodes count: 6

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