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A Muslim & A Jew Go There
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A Muslim & A Jew Go There

Instinct Productions

“A Muslim & A Jew Go There” is a brand new podcast produced by Instinct Productions, hosted by comedian David Baddiel (author of “Jews Don’t Count”) and politician Sayeeda Warsi (“Muslims Don’t Matter”) who will take on whatever controversy hits the headlines each week, providing context and discussion around current political and cultural events involving and affecting British Muslims and Jews.  Covering topics from antisemitism in the Labour party and Islamophobia in the Conservative Party to debating concepts like “racism hierarchies”, “non-visible minorities” and “victim olympics”, as well as tropes and stereotypes, and the Middle East and its impact on Jewish and Muslim communities in Britain, this topical, often funny podcast will go there in a way others might not dare. Read more


A new Jew and the ICC arrest warrants

05/23/2024 49:49
Listener Questions: Who gets to decide if art or comedy is racist? “Do you condemn Hamas?” and do dodgy connections matter?

05/16/2024 35:26
Listener Questions: Could there ever be a Muslim Book of Mormon? Is it correct to refer to the West Bank and Gaza as 'The Occupied Territories'? Is Dawkins' criticism of London's Ramadan lights Islamophobic?

05/09/2024 44:28
Israel & Pakistan, Netanyahu & Modi and the not so divine madness of Christian Zionism

05/02/2024 50:13
Why did the Jew cross the road…at Saturday’s Palestine protest? Columbia campus wars and defining Islamophobia

04/25/2024 50:10
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Our take on A Muslim & A Jew Go There podcast

In A Muslim & A Jew Go There, David Baddiel and Sayeeda Warsi navigate the tricky topics that can separate Jewish and Muslim communities in Britain. They tackle everything from politics to cultural misunderstandings or discrimination in a serious but fun way. Their open discussions are here to build bridges, help you see things from different viewpoints and take a daring step towards open dialogue in a world where discussions are often one-sided. It's an informative and thought-provoking experience for anyone looking to grasp interfaith relations today. A Muslim & A Jew Go There is a society & culture podcast by Instinct Productions.

Instinct Productions
David Baddiel and Sayeeda Warsi
United Kingdom
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Listener reviews

lena - 03/19/2024
Excellent podcast! Thank you for sharing perspectives from both sides. Our society needs more dialogue and understanding of each other's points of view, as this podcast shows.
Harry Margulies / @AskWhyIsIt - 03/19/2024
Interesting that a Muslim and a Jew go there. It seems though that the Jew, who is an atheist the same as I, and author same as I, has to stand back a little bit for a greater understanding of the Muslim view... as always. Even Muslims like Mehdi Hasan admit that hating Jews is normal amongst Muslims. Muslims feel no hesitation about being proud of their heritage, neither do Palestinians. However, Jews are expected to take the other side. Muslim manifestations are very often outright anti Jewish and violent and it seems to me that the fear of being called-out as anti-semitic is very low compared to fears of being labelled Islamophobic. It is necessary that Muslims speak out more forcefully so that the world can understand that the atrocities, intentional genocide, and crimes against humanity committed by Hamas while still holding hostages taken as a war crime are the problem. UN and UNWRA have stood by and watched as Hamas siphoned off about 15 Billion dollars for leaders' luxury living abroad and building terror infrastructures even under hospitals. They claim to want to recreate Oct. 7 over and over again. Every time, Israel is about to defeat Hamas, the world calls for a cease-fire which Hamas claims they do not want. The easier solution is for Hamas to release hostages without condition, and stand down. Even Qatar in its peace plan proposes Hamas leaders should be expelled. So we come to Jonathan Glazer who glazes over all of this to make himself popular among the Hamas tools in the West without once asking, what would he not do if his sister had been r*ped, and his mother tortured, his family tortured, one of his babies ha been baked alive and two other children still being held on the other side? What needs to be clear here is - and I say this as an atheist - God did not give the Jews any land but if the Jews in Israel are colonizers, what about Australia and the Americas and what should happen to European descendants there? Can you imagine a manifestation using the same hateful language spewed against Jews but instead against Muslims. Everybody would be arrested but "gas-the-jews" seems to be perfectly acceptable. Islamophobia allows the worst elements of Islam a hiding place and Kuffar-phobia is the real problem (hatred towards non-Muslims). Mr. Baddiel, I have tickets to come and listen to you on the 8th of May and will do so with great interest.

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