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This is PoliticsJOE's podcast - the only explicitly anti-nonce podcast in the UK.Reporting on British politics with a sense of humour, the podcast is a recorded version of the conversations we have after work.So pull up a stool, pour yourself a cold one, and laugh through the misery alongside us. Read more


Another round: Is Keir Starmer Thatcher's heir?

05/18/2024 49:51
Keir Starmer's manifesto launch

05/16/2024 19:10
PMQs analysis

05/15/2024 1:02:12
Another round: Is immigration causing the housing crisis?

05/14/2024 48:52
Labour's Elph-icky shift to the right

05/13/2024 57:51
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Our take on Pubcast podcast

The Pubcast, explores the chaotic world of British politics while keeping things light and relatable. Hosted by Oli Dugmore, Ava Santina, and Ed Campbell, their witty banter makes complex issues digestible and fun. The Pubcast is the perfect blend of serious analysis, featuring distinguished thinkers and the candidness of after-work conversations. Pubcast is a politics podcast by PoliticsJOE.

Producer: PoliticsJOE
Host: Oli Dugmore, Ava Santina, and Ed Campbell
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 171
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Several times a week

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