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Sport’s Strangest Crimes
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Sport’s Strangest Crimes


When sport collides with true crime. Read more


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06/01/2021 00:00:43
1. And They're Off!

06/01/2021 00:27:01
2. Thieves in the Night

06/01/2021 00:25:13
3. A Kidnap is Announced

06/01/2021 00:26:03
4. Send in the Cavalry

06/01/2021 00:30:08
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Our take on Sport’s Strangest Crimes podcast

Sport's Strangest Crimes is a much-needed podcast for Formula One die-hard fans. The podcast subject is mainly on Formula One 2007 'Spygate' scandal that brought about vengeance, balefulness, and viciousness. It is with no shadow of a doubt that the effects of the scandal are felt to date. Similarly, the podcast draws in those at the center of the story, including Lewis Hamilton, the main character, and other players who watched the drama unfold. The guests and the narrator Pete Tong give the listeners anecdotes and in-depth insights about what happened. Sport’s Strangest Crimes is a sports podcast by BBC Radio 5 live.

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Listener reviews

Chris Youell - 06/23/2023
I have listened to two series of this show, Spygate and Death of a Pirate. I enjoyed Spygate, and to a lesser extent Death of a Pirate. The editing of Death of a Pirate was hilariously bad and repetitive. I know the episodes had to take into account that they would be played on the radio, so some catch up is required. I have listened to hundreds of such podcasts. But there was at most three episodes of material here padded out with repetition and Dad jokes to ten episodes. And no real conclusions reached, so I felt I knew as much after episode 2 as I did after episode 10. Some parts were repeated 5 or 6 times.

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