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64: A Chess Podcast
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64: A Chess Podcast

David Vizgan

64: A Chess Podcast, sponsored by Chessable, features interviews with people from across the chess world, from up-and-coming streamers to top grandmasters. Read more


GM Peter Svidler (and goodbye, for now...)

10/14/2023 01:15:30
FM Nate Solon (#2)

09/03/2023 01:04:48
IM Jovanka Houska

08/24/2023 01:04:42

07/09/2023 00:47:45
GM Simon Williams

06/24/2023 01:11:01
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Our take on 64: A Chess Podcast

64: A Chess Podcast allows you to listen to and interact with top chess players from all over the world. David Vizgan interviews these chess players to understand and have a better grasp of chess culture. He brings over several chess players who range from top grandmasters to upcoming champions. Notable guests include Anna-Maja Kazarian, a very competitive chess player who won the Dutch Online Women's chess competition in 2020. Another super exciting guest is Ponomariov, winner of the 2002 FIDE World Championship and the youngest grandmaster in history. Another interviewee not to miss is Benjamin Portheault, a performance coach for mental athletes.

Host: David Vizgan
Country: Denmark
Episodes count: 71
Average duration: 70'
Frequency: Weekly

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