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Up Front with Simon Jordan
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Up Front with Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan

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"Alexander-Arnold is not the answer to England’s midfield problems" | Three Up Front in Germany 🇩🇪

06/18/2024 00:26:11
Southgate’s defining moment. Will he finally release the handbrake at the Euros? | Three Up Front

06/13/2024 00:37:29
De Bruyne to Saudi? And Man City vs The Premier League | Three Up Front

06/07/2024 00:36:55
Piers Morgan | “Wenger was a glorified architect...but I was WRONG about Arteta”

05/30/2024 01:03:57
Are Man City monopolising the Premier League? | Three Up Front

05/23/2024 00:38:50
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Our take on Up Front with Simon Jordan podcast

Up Front with Simon Jordan explores the impact of sports on athletes' lives while including Jordan's unfiltered viewpoints. With his bold style and insider information, Simon Jordan isn't afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions that others tend to avoid. The debates with high-profile sports personalities are informative and entertaining. Be prepared for unexpected twists as guests thoroughly examine their careers and beliefs. Up Front with Simon Jordan is a sports podcast by Folding Pocket and William Hill.

Simon Jordan
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Tony Whelan - 09/23/2023
Brilliant podcast with Steve Bruce, really enjoyed the back story on Newcastle United and other situations a Manager has to deal with. First upfront podcast I’ve listened to, now onto the next.

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