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BBC podcasts

Love Bombed
Love, Janessa
Moment of Truth
Murder They Wrote with Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling
My Mate's A Footballer
Mythical Creatures
Nicola Sturgeon
Now You're Asking with Marian Keyes and Tara Flynn
Obsessed With...
Off The Telly
Offstage: Inside The X Factor
People Who Knew Me
Planet Premier League
Powerplay: The House of Don King
Rare Earth
Rob Burrow Seven, Meets...
Rugby Union Daily
Rugby Union Weekly
Rylan: How to Be a Man
Scottish Football Podcast
Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate
Shock and War: Iraq 20 Years On
Slow Radio
Spark & Fire: Fuel Your Creativity
Sport's Strangest Crimes
Sport’s Strangest Crimes
Sporting Witness

The best BBC podcasts

The British Broadcasting Corporation, mostly known as BBC, is a leading news, radio, and television broadcaster globally headquartered in London. Apart from being the United Kingdom's national broadcaster, it is the world's oldest and largest.
Being a leading news outlet, the BBC has also ventured into the world of podcasts and has helped shape the audio industry in the United Kingdom. The corporation has produced many award-winning podcasts in several categories available through various platforms on the internet. It has a plethora of shows you can choose from and be entertained, and they are primarily a blend of radio-independent shows and radio-based podcasts.
The radio-based podcasts are usually a replay of the various BBC stations' shows, the shows' highlights, or both. The BBC's podcasts cover various categories, including comedy, society and culture, sports, music, art, mental health, news, true crime, politics, and basically every other area you can think of.
Some of its notable productions include The Archers -a contemporary drama on English rural life, Tailenders -a leading crickets podcast, In Our Time -a sociopolitical talk show where Melvyn Brag interviews exciting people. Others include Football daily, Bloodsport -an interesting listen that looks into Russia's state-sponsored doping at the 2012 and 2014 Olympics, and Tunnel 29 -an inspiring tale of a man who helped refugees flee from East Germany to the west using tunnels dug under the Berlin wall.
Through its studios and partnerships with other individuals and producers, the BBC has made available audio content for all audiences.