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Introducing Money Gone

04/22/2024 00:02:42
Silos - 5. Collective

03/22/2024 00:28:25
Silos - 4. Stasis

03/22/2024 00:28:20
Silos - 3. Playlist

03/22/2024 00:28:36
Silos - 2. Acclimatisation

03/22/2024 00:28:36
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Our take on Limelight podcast

Limelight is a chilling exploration of the dark history of Burke and Hare, two Edinburgh's infamous killers. The narrative, expertly brought to life by Jack Lowden and a stellar cast, is spotless from start to finish. The plot skillfully intertwines historical facts with vivid dramatization, bringing 19th-century Edinburgh to life. Colin MacDonald's writing is top-notch, evoking an era where cadavers were commodities. The production value is high, the storytelling superb, and the bonus scenes on BBC Sounds a definite treat. An absolute must for lovers of crime and historical drama. The story: In 1828 Edinburgh, Burke and Hare committed 16 murders to supply bodies for medical studies. When caught, Hare testified against Burke, who was executed and dissected. Their crimes changed laws and fueled stories in literature and film. Limelight is a drama podcast by BBC Radio 4.

Producer: BBC
Host: Jack Lowden
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 168
Average duration: 35'
Frequency: Five episodes released on 28 April 2023

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