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Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate
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Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate


A conspiracy theory that a cabal of gay judges threaten the justice system has gripped Scotland. Read more


Introducing Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate

05/30/2023 00:01:01
1. A Scandal Is Born

06/05/2023 00:32:51
2. The List

06/05/2023 00:28:02
3. Operation Planet

06/05/2023 00:45:26
4. Fettesgate

06/05/2023 00:28:18
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Our take on Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate podcast

Shiny Bob: The Devil's Advocate explores a judiciary controversy in Scotland, tackling accusations against a powerful lawyer recently found guilty of historical child abuse. This unnerving six-part series revisits a three-decade-old incident dubbed the 'Magic Circle Affair', laying bare a potential underbelly of illicit activities beneath it. Through interviews with victims, law enforcement, journalists, and court officials, this half-hour-long investigative podcast raises unnerving questions about a supposed underground network of gay judges. The tension heightens as a mysteriously shadowed attorney alleges possession of an illuminating list. A unique exploration of justice and concealed crimes. Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate is a society & culture podcast by BBC Radio.

Producer: BBC
Host: Myles Bonnar
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 18
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Six part series released on 5th June, 2023

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