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Rare Earth
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Rare Earth


Tom Heap and Helen Czerski tackle a major story about our environment, work out how we got here and meet the brave, clever people with fresh ideas to help us - and nature - thrive. Read more


How do we get our healthy rivers back?

03/01/2024 00:53:18
Can the Oceans Save Us from Climate Change?

02/23/2024 00:52:28
Can Politicians Save the Planet?

02/16/2024 00:53:05
Alien Invasion

02/09/2024 00:53:12
Can We Build a Better World with Wood?

02/02/2024 00:53:52
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Our take on Rare Earth podcast

Tom Heap and Helen Czerski analyze pressing ecological issues without falling into desperation. Instead, it's a tribute to nature's splendor and the innovative minds striving to preserve it. Rare Earth balances the gravity of climate change and habitat loss with uplifting stories of restoration and conservation. It leaves you informed and, surprisingly, hopeful. Rare Earth is an earth sciences podcast by BBC Radio 4.

Producer: BBC
Host: Tom Heap and Helen Czerski
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 8

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