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Extraordinary Creatives
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Extraordinary Creatives

Ceri Hand

Extraordinary Creatives: The Premier Art Podcast Welcome to the Extraordinary Creatives podcast, your gateway to the world of exceptional artists and creative leaders who have defied the odds to make a significant impact in the arts and beyond. Read more


Embracing the Unconventional: Marianna Simnett on Staying True to Your Artistic Path

06/09/2024 01:30:26
Feeling Crap? Try this! | What to do as a creative when you feel rubbish

06/02/2024 00:05:25
Creativity, Community, and Resilience: Insights from Sally Shaw

05/26/2024 01:38:41
Accessibility & Authenticity: Kiera & Holly Blakey's Approach to Creativity

05/19/2024 00:55:56
Embracing Authenticity: Benoit Swan Pouffer on Crafting a Unique Artistic Voice

05/12/2024 01:08:28
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Our take on Extraordinary Creatives podcast

The Extraordinary Creatives podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and wisdom in the world of creativity and social change. Hosted by Ceri Hand, a seasoned artists and creators coach and mentor expert in both arts and business, this show is a great source of advice and insight. You'll hear in-depth interviews with phenomenal artists and social entrepreneurs who've broken the mould to make a real difference. Topics like navigating creativity after a near-death experience or using art to improve mental health keep you hooked. Ceri's engaging style combines wit and sincerity, making complex ideas digestible in one-hour episodes. Extraordinary Creatives is a visual arts podcast by Ceri Hand.

Ceri Hand
United Kingdom
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