The Mantawauk Caves

The Mantawauk Caves podcastChilling binaural audio drama set in Mantawauk County, filled with dark secrets and blending supernatural horror with psychological suspense.

12 Ghosts

12 Ghosts podcastUndoubtedly the horror story of the season. Eleven people are locked in an accessible inn. They have something in common and a wretched fate.

Blood Ties

Blood Ties podcast Host: Amy Landecker, Gillian Jacobs and Josh Gad
Country: United States


Borrasca podcast Host: Cole Sprouse
Country: United States

Case 63

Host: Eliza Knight
Country: United States

Crooked River

Crooked River podcast Host: Dave Beazley and Casey Wells
Country: United States

Curl Up & D.I.

Curl Up & D.I. podcast Host: written by Tony Pitts and starring Katherine Kelly, Vic Reeves, Morgana Robinson, Mark Benton, Burn Gorman, Tony Pitts, Tomi May, Nancy Sorrell, Jennifer Saayeng, Bill Fellows, Adam Gillen, Charlote Lucas and Georgia Sansom
Country: United Kingdom


DERELICT podcast Host: J. Barton Mitchell
Country: United States

Honeymoon for One

Honeymoon for One podcast Host: Rachael King, Becca Freeman (co-writters)
Country: United States


KOZ podcast Host: Taylor Kitsch, Kate Mara, Darrin Kozlowski, Michael Hyatt, Xander Berkeley
Country: United States


Kym podcast Host: Kym Whitley, Sherri Shepherd, Carter Lee Hamilton, David A. Arnold, Lena Waithe
Country: United States


Magmell podcast Host: Jeff Heimbuch (director)
Country: United States


Moriarty podcast Host: Dominic Monaghan, Phil LaMarr, Billy Boyd, and Lindsay Whisler
Country: United States

Oz 9

Oz 9 podcast Host: Shannon K Perry
Country: United States

The best Fiction podcasts

Given there is a fictitious tale on just about everything, this is a very vast category that you can explore endlessly. The best fiction podcasts touching on drama are found in this section. These podcasts have fabulous stories that are well-written and nicely acted.
The Audio-drama podcasts in this category are of excellent quality, and we assure you of the best immersive experiences. You will invest emotionally in the characters and the plots to the extent that you will have nothing but a fulfilling experience. These shows stir emotions in more ways than one, and you can listen to and repeat them endlessly.
‎Creepy is one instance of such a masterpiece. It was created by Jon Grilz, a collection of the most famous and disturbing urban legends.
Additionally, you will encounter shows about famous characters and events; the only difference is they have a hint of fiction. A good example is HBO Max’s ‎Batman: The Audio Adventures, a scripted animated series of Batman. Then, of course, the delightful music is just the icing.
Finally, you might stumble upon popular audio-drama podcasts as well. ‎Honeymoon for One is such an example. It is a drama and a comedy with exciting episodes on the romantic life of a 28-year-old lady.
Some hosts even allow you to make story requests through various social media handles or emails. The category comprises fiction podcasts dedicated to giving you an incredible experience that is not only outstanding but also otherworldly.