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The Missing Madonna
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The Missing Madonna


A da Vinci painting is stolen in a daring heist at a Scottish castle. Read more


Introducing The Missing Madonna

08/18/2023 00:01:40
Episode 1 - The Heist

08/25/2023 00:19:10
Episode 2 - The Hunt

08/25/2023 00:24:39
Episode 3 - The Likely Lads

08/25/2023 00:23:40
Episode 4 – Euston, we have a problem

08/25/2023 00:27:54
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Our take on The Missing Madonna podcast

The Missing Madonna is a fascinating listen that dives into the shocking theft of a da Vinci painting from a Scottish castle. Across nine half-hour episodes, the podcast takes you on an extraordinary journey—from historic castle walls to a local pub and even onto the FBI's most-wanted list. It's a seamless blend of art history and true crime that keeps you hooked. Whether you're an art lover or just love a good mystery, this podcast is well worth your time. Highly recommended. The Missing Madonna is a true crime podcast by BBC Radio Scotland.

Producer: BBC
Host: Olivia Graham
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 10
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: 9 episodes released on August 25, 2023

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