Magnificent Jerk podcastMagnificent Jerk1.
The Moth podcastThe Moth2.
Give Them Lala podcastGive Them Lala3.
Audio Poem of the Day podcastAudio Poem of the Day4.
Bertcast podcastBertcast5.
Beyond The Bathroom podcastBeyond The Bathroom6.
Bombing with Eric Andre podcastBombing with Eric Andre7.
Books, Beach, & Beyond podcastBooks, Beach, & Beyond8.
Breaking Beauty PodcastBreaking Beauty Podcast9.
Closet Confessions podcastCloset Confessions10.
Constellation Prize podcastConstellation Prize11.
Desert Island Dishes podcastDesert Island Dishes12.
Dressed: The History of Fashion podcastDressed: The History of Fashion13.
Dynamic Duos podcastDynamic Duos14.
Dynamite Doug podcastDynamite Doug15.
Eaten Rotten Apples podcastEaten Rotten Apples16.
Eating Out With Eric & Steve podcastEating Out With Eric & Steve17.
Educating Daisy with Daisy May Cooper podcastEducating Daisy with Daisy May Cooper18.
Everyone Thinks is Queer Except You and Me podcastEveryone Thinks is Queer Except You and Me19.
Fiction Writing Made Easy podcastFiction Writing Made Easy20.
Fool Coverage with Manny MUA and Laura Lee podcastFool Coverage with Manny MUA and Laura Lee21.
Forever35 podcastForever3522.
Frank Skinner's Poetry PodcastFrank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast23.
Gals on the Go podcastGals on the Go24.
Griefcast podcastGriefcast25.
Grown, a podcast from The MothGrown, a podcast from The Moth26.
Hello Girls podcastHello Girls27.
Hello Isaac podcastHello Isaac28.
High Brow podcastHigh Brow29.
Homo Sapiens podcastHomo Sapiens30.

The best Arts podcasts

Art is a fascinating subject that has been around ever since there was civilization. It has evolved, and people have continued to find new ways to express themselves through art.
We have the best art history podcast discussing art objects and placing them within their periods. The various hosts talk about visual arts and list the art movements. They go beyond the basics of art history and delve into the juicy bits exploring exciting issues such as the Picasso vs. Manet dynamic. Most of the podcasts touching on this have attractive themes that are very educative.
Here you will also find arts podcasts that have episodes touching on issues such as social justice and how they relate to art. They talk about issues in the current society based on the art theme. Various artists and their works are featured, and conclusive conversations are made on how they impact the community where they are made. These pods touch on female artists and their position in society too.
Also, you will encounter arts podcasts that cover myths and legends and demystify the truths behind them. One good example is ‎Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! A Greek & Roman Mythology Podcast hosted by Liv Albert is the most entertaining podcast on Greek mythology.
More often than not, art and design go hand in hand. In this category, you will stumble upon several podcasts touching on design. Podcasts such as the 99% Invisible Podcast, hosted by Roman Mars, talk about the design element of things one might never have thought of in that aspect. They are informative and cover unique issues, such as the creation of the interrobang symbol.
We also have podcasts about writing. These pods cover anything from the lightest of topics to intricate ones, such as producing accomplished texts. Aspiring and continuing writers are, without a doubt, sorted.
You will listen to the best literature podcasts. Listeners get entertained by reviews, critics, and in-depth analyses of classic and literary literature. From works of all-time greats such as William Shakespeare to JK Rawlings, this sub-category provides an abundant supply of literature podcasts worth listening to.
Poem enthusiasts are well covered in this category. With many conversational podcasts, poets and fans get to know and interact with creative geniuses from all corners of the world. They are not limited to deep poems but feature humorous and funny ones. Fan-favorite love poems and romantic works are included as well. What’s remarkable is you can dedicate one to your favorite person.
Food is also art! Surprising, I know, right? Well, you’ll find the best arts podcasts covering food and dishes that are artful. They will make a tasty and delightful listening!
Are you looking for something unexpected? This category has precisely that.