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Shred With Shifty
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Shred With Shifty

Chris Shiflett

In each episode Chris Shiflett sits down with a legendary guitarist and aims to answer a singular question: “How did you do that?” Each guitarist will give rare insight into the art of the guitar solo and what makes a great one so memorable. Read more


Wolf Van Halen’s Tornado of Tapping on “Take a Bow”

03/28/2024 01:00:07
Joe Bonamassa: Bursts, Dumbles, and the Blues

03/20/2024 01:36:46
“KISS” Shiflett Takes on Fan Solos and Issues a Challenge

02/29/2024 00:34:12
Brent Mason’s Furious Fingerstyle Shred

02/15/2024 01:21:01
Free-Wheelin’ Ace Frehley Fires Up His “Shock Me” Solo

02/01/2024 01:06:48
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Our take on Shred With Shifty podcast

Join Foo Fighters' Chris Shiflett on an extraordinary journey in Shred With Shifty, where he unravels the mystique of iconic guitar solos. Each episode pulls back the curtain, offering rare glimpses into the artistry of guitar solos with the legends themselves answering the question, "How was it done?" From the creative process to intricate details, this podcast presents an unmatched insight into the making of unforgettable solos. Immerse yourself in this auditory expedition that will enthrall music fans and casual listeners. Shred With Shifty is a music podcast by Chris Shiflett.

Producer: Chris Shiflett
Host: Chris Shiflett
Country: United States
Episodes count: 18
Average duration: 70'
Frequency: Monthly

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