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The Clark Howard Podcast
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The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard

Save more and spend less is more than just a motto for money expert Clark Howard; it’s a way of life. Read more


06.17.24 HOMEOWNERS: Title Fraud Prevention / Are You Underinsured?

Today (06/17/2024) 00:31:18
06.14.24 Clark Answers His Critics on Clark Stinks / Invest & Retire: Time Is Money

06/14/2024 00:29:46
06.13.24 A Warning For Entrepreneurs / Airport Security - New TSA Screening Tech

06/13/2024 00:32:08
06.12.24 Money Well Spent / Housing Market Update

06/12/2024 00:34:24
06.11.24 Technology Vs Privacy / How To Deal With Hospital Bills

06/11/2024 00:33:59
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Our take on The Clark Howard Podcast

The only way to achieve financial freedom is to control your personal finances, save more, and spend less. This has been the way of life for Clark Howard and should be yours too. Clark and his crew are here to give you finance tips to help you achieve financial freedom. Whether you are paying a mortgage or planning for retirement, Clark Howard is ready to be the financial coach to guide you through the entire journey. He has a unique way of making complicated economic theories and terms easy to understand and digest.  The Clark Howard Podcast is an investing podcast by Clark Howard.

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Clark Howard
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