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The Ramsey Show
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The Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey

The Ramsey Show believes you can build wealth and take control of your lifeโ€”no matter what stupid mistakes you've made with money. Read more


Give Every Dollar a Name Before the Month Begins

05/17/2024 02:05:42
Build a Life Youโ€™re Not Exhausted By

05/16/2024 02:05:16
THIS Is How You Become A Millionaire In America Today

05/15/2024 02:04:34
Will You Be Proud Of Your Decisions 20 Years From Now?

05/14/2024 02:04:47
It's Time To Take Full Control Of Your Finances

05/13/2024 02:04:22
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Our take on The Ramsey Show podcast

The Ramsey Show is the pod about economics that you don't want to miss. Dave Ramsey presents and analyzes the latest financial news. Every weekday for two hours, Ramsey and his team tackle the big financial challenges head-on and offer practical advice to help you crush past mistakes and build wealth. With topics like overcoming failures, avoiding wealth-stealing decisions, and the value of sacrifice, The Ramsey Show gives you the knowledge you need to take control of your financial future. The straightforward, no-nonsense approach makes even the most complex financial concepts understandable and actionable. Whether you want to get out of debt or grow your wealth, this is a great listen.

Host: Dave Ramsey
Country: United States
Episodes count: 323
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Monday to Friday

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