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Keep Optimising podcastEach month Chloe Thomas and her guests bring masterclasses on eCommerce marketing methods.

The best Marketing podcasts

Every business owner knows the importance of the marketing department to a business. But, unfortunately, it is also one of the most challenging departments to run and maintain its fruitfulness. Wrong marketing strategies could result in harmful losses, and if not dealt with soon enough, the business could crumble.
This category has the best marketing podcasts. They are rich in content, based on thoroughly researched facts and bring guests, frequently or occasionally, with the technical know-how of conducting and maintaining good marketing. In addition, listeners get different perspectives from self-employed business owners or work in a corporate environment.
In addition, these marketing podcasts advise freelancers and start-up owners. Listeners interact with sociology experts who provide advice from a sociological perspective. They analyze and advise on how society’s demand influences marketing. By simplifying the technical aspects, marketing managers and sales representatives are informed directly and straightforwardly.
There are digital marketing podcasts that explore the various avenues that an online marketer can use to sell their product. Experienced online marketers will teach you how to make money online and avoid many marketers’ usual mistakes. In addition, they advise on goal setting and strategy implementation. From developing effective strategies to maintaining their performance, business owners get a lot of actionable advice. ‎The Digital Marketing Podcast by Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles is just but one example of the top digital marketing podcasts.
There are insightful podcasts about storytelling focused on social media marketing and sales. It is impossible to ignore social media’s role in a business owner’s day at the office. Therefore, they advise on how to grow a solid fanbase. These pods teach us what and when to post marketing content on social media. We are also made aware of the things we should avoid. Micahel Stelzner’s ‎Social Media Marketing Podcast exemplifies the numerous programs that handle social media marketing.
These pods are a true gem to any marketer and an endless resource everyone should tap into. So get a chair, a notebook, and a pen as you plug into these excellent marketing libraries.