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The Murder In My Family
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The Murder In My Family

AbJack Entertainment

Murder is a crime of many victims. Read more


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Yesterday (04/20/2024) 43:13
Raymond Saenz

03/23/2024 41:11
James 'Jimmy' Townsend

02/24/2024 01:00:13
The Hanson Family Murders

02/10/2024 51:54
Listen Now - Dr. Death: Bad Magic

01/22/2024 05:29
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Our take on The Murder In My Family podcast

The Murder in My Family podcast provides a unique perspective on murder crimes, exploring their effects from the victim's family's perspective. Hosted by Mike Morford, the podcast releases new episodes every other Saturday. You will listen to various cases, including the unsolved murder of Lindy Sue Bielcher, whose brother Mike shares his experiences and the aftermath of her death. In addition, the episode highlights the impact of the crime on Lindy Sue Biechler family, what happened when the headstone was vandalized, and a taunting letter from the alleged killer was mailed to the police. The Murder In My Family is a must-listen for true crime enthusiasts searching for a different viewpoint. The Murder In My Family is a true crime podcast by AbJack Entertainment.

Producer: AbJack Entertainment
Host: Mike Morford
Country: United States
Episodes count: 196
Average duration: 65’
Frequency: Biweekly

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