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The Retrievals
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The Retrievals

The New York Times

Dozens of women seeking to become mothers came to a fertility clinic at Yale. Read more


Bonus - Heavyweight: #49 Another Roadside Attraction

10/06/2023 00:47:01
Episode 5: The Outcomes

08/03/2023 00:53:49
Episode 4: The Clinic

07/27/2023 00:38:00
Bonus: Did this happen to you?

07/20/2023 00:04:01
Episode 3: The Sentence

07/13/2023 00:46:38
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Our take on The Retrievals podcast

The Retrievals, a compelling five-episode podcast by Susan Burton from Serial Productions and The New York Times, uncovers a chilling case at the Yale Fertility Center. As hopeful women embark on IVF treatments, they're suddenly gripped by unexpected and severe pain. The shocking truth unfolds - a clinic nurse has been swapping fentanyl with saline. You will get to know the personal narratives of the victims and the nurse and question how such an event could occur at a reputable institution. The series also explores social attitudes towards women's pain and how it is often overlooked or trivialized. A thought-provoking listen for sure. The Retrievals is a true crime podcast by Serial Productions & The New York Times.

New York Times
Susan Burton
United States
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Listener reviews

Victor L Raines - 07/24/2023
I heard the first episode on “This American Life,” and let me tell you, I was gobsmacked by the reveal. I just sat in my kitchen and listened intently to the rest of the piece. Oh, was it riveting! I think it was an important decision to let us in on what had happened to all of these women pretty much up front. No teasing it out, no nonsense. The entire story is fascinating anyway; it doesn’t need buildup to the moment of the reveal. (I’m sorry to be circumspect, but it’s important for new listeners to discover things for themselves.) I have great respect for the approach taken to this story, how the podcasts are structured, and how they build upon one another. Susan Burton and others involved in the reporting, collating of information, as well as the recording and producing this series have done/are doing a meticulous, exemplary job in presenting it. Great care is shown to the women who were involved in the Yale Fertility Center fiasco. I paid attention to how these women felt when their raw pain and attendant anguish was dismissed or discounted. I just couldn’t square this attitude on the part of medical professionals. These are smart women, and I look forward to hearing what happens next as I stand here staring at the calendar, waiting for Ep 04 to drop.
Marianna - 07/12/2023
Awesome production, exciting storytelling and deep research. Fertility, substances and female pain are both super serious issues we should be talking about openly. I'm happy this is done for once and how this pod found the way to make a case illustrating them is such clear way. A serious listen and a one of a kind thriller too.
Poly - 07/05/2023
Excellent research and storytelling on a relevant yet ignored topic. Glad to see that female pain is getting into the spotlight for once! A must-listen for everyone.

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