A Very British Horror podcastA Very British Horror1.
Creepy podcastCreepy2.
Knifepoint Horror podcastKnifepoint Horror3.
Quietly Yours podcastQuietly Yours4.
Sword and Scale Nightmares podcastSword and Scale Nightmares5.
The Battersea Poltergeist podcastThe Battersea Poltergeist6.
The Magnus Archives podcastThe Magnus Archives7.
The NoSleep PodcastThe NoSleep Podcast8.
The Shadow Storytellers: a Horror Fiction PodcastThe Shadow Storytellers: a Horror Fiction Podcast9.
We're Alive podcastWe’re Alive10.

The best Horror podcasts

There are plenty of pods dedicated to readers and followers of horror and scary stories. This category has the best horror podcasts out there. The narrations are top-notch and perfectly delivered. The hosts have lots of experience and give nothing but a chilling experience. They feature bloodcurdling tales that will make you afraid of the dark.
The horror movie podcasts are all about your favorite horror movies. From reviewing to reliving them, these shows cover all aspects of horror in film. Of weird characters and even spookier writers, these pods delve into the rarely charted waters of horror. ‎
The best scary podcasts are found here. If you want an audio experience that will horrify you to the roots of your existence, this is the place for you. All gothic and dark topics are dissected and dug into in this category. From occults to superstitions and myths, the various hosts read out and talk about scary things that, without a doubt, will scare you to death. The creepy hosts and dark authors add an extra chill to the experience.
Strange and macabre tales are well told in this section filled with scary story podcasts. The presence of serialized horror podcasts is hard to ignore. The episodes are divided into various seasons, just like your favorite TV series. They present all the scares and frights a horror fan would desire and the best collections of bloody and scary tales that are not safe for bedtime. The most frightening podcast episodes found here will make you sleep with the lights on. That is if you are brave enough to go to bed.
Last but not least, true horror podcasts are a mix of terror, entertainment, and mystery. Listeners are assured of both thrilling experiences and nightmares. What a great combo!