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The New Way We Work
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The New Way We Work

Fast Company

Fast Company deputy editor Kathleen Davis takes listeners on a journey through the changing landscape of our work lives. Read more


Work is ableist

05/20/2024 00:40:41
The workday is poorly designed

05/13/2024 00:34:47
Why so many of us feel lonely at work

05/06/2024 00:32:46
Hiring is broken

04/29/2024 00:40:01
Nobody knows how much anybody is making

04/22/2024 00:33:40
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Our take on The New Way We Work podcast

The New Way We Work offers a weekly quest into the complexities of today's work environment. With her extensive experience ranging from FastCompany to Entrepreneur.com, Host Kathleen Davis is here with top information and great tips. Each episode focuses on critical topics like transforming weaknesses into assets, the true importance of a cover letter, considering a career shift or how to boost your emotional intelligence at work. The New Way We Work is a careers podcast by Fast Company.

Producer: Fast Company
Host: Kathleen Davis
Country: United States
Episodes count: 269
Frequency: Weekly

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