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The Sports Agents
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The Sports Agents


Gabby Logan and Mark Chapman, two of the UK’s best sports broadcasters, host a brand new twice-weekly podcast exploring the stories behind the sports... Read more


Why Nottingham Forest went to war with VAR

04/23/2024 55:55
Weekend Edition

04/20/2024 18:15
Have English clubs blown race for 5th Champions League spot?

04/18/2024 43:43
Exclusive: Is UK sport still too white?

04/16/2024 42:36
Weekend Edition

04/13/2024 18:06
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Our take on The Sports Agents podcast

Gabby Logan and Mark Chapman bring a fresh addition to the sports podcast scene, promising to take you behind the scenes of the sports world. With episodes dropping twice a week, The Sports Agents promises an insider look at sports, peppered with exclusive interviews and stories that go beyond the scoreboard. Logan and Chapman make it feel like you're sitting right there in the conversation. A must-listen for anyone eager to catch the untold tales of the sporting industry. The Sports Agents is a sports podcast by Global.

Producer: Global
Host: Gabby Logan and Mark Chapman
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 23
Frequency: Tuesday and Thursday

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